What does Google reward and penalize with
Panda and Penguin?

Only few months separate the last update of Google Panda and the launch of Google Penguin. What is obvious is that Google is spending much time and effort in detecting and penalizing those that use bad SEO practices, who attempt to cheat the search engine using abusive techniques to achieve better positioning, and those web pages that, instead of dedicating resources to improving the contents and quality of their web, prefer to risk using bad practices to achieve better results in the shortest time possible.

What exactly does Panda and Penguin penalize?

  • Google Panda

    Its aim is to eliminate or give less importance to low quality contents.
    Essentially, Google Panda rewards those websites that generate original contents, deal with topics in depth and with quality, usability, that are social (be shared on social networks) and that have little advertising.

  • Penguin

    This algorithm aims to combat web spam. These are the main techniques that Penguin considers web spam:

    • Text links to other pages with the exact keyword to position (it does not consider it natural)
    • Links in your website to low quality sites
    • Excessive use of keywords in the contents of your page.

These new algorithms are designed to consolidate Google’s strategy to ensure that users get the best results in their searches. There is no better practice than writing quality content and promoting your website through blogs or other quality sites and building your online presence by following Google’s recommendations. Your positioning will be slower, but you'll avoid penalizations.

Regarding the landing pages that we create using Leadzer in order to draw quality traffic to a website, these comply with Google’s guidelines in the Panda and Penguin algorithms:

  • The content of each Landing Pages is unique; no content is duplicated.
  • They do not contain numerous links to other websites.
  • They do not abuse the use of keywords in the content (as this is considered by Google as keyword stuffing and hence would be penalized)
  • We do not generate marketing articles to post in other websites or that point to landing pages.

What’s more, Leadzer enables customers to access the content of their pages easily so they can personalize the texts according to the keyword.

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